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Twitter is nothing short of a Social Media Powerhouse, often breaking news before major news outlets. It is considered the de facto place to find the most up to date information about anything currently happening in the world. It dwarfs all other Social Media sites in terms of daily traffic, with the exception of Facebook. Twitter is a great place to build a fan base and exceedingly useful at proving to investors, labels, even potential employers that you have your finger on the pulse of the web. You are judged by the popularity of your Twitter account, and if you're in the public eye to any extent it can be a serious detriment to have a low follower count.

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Since Twitter’s inception nearly a decade ago it has grown in ways most people never expected. It has become a looking glass into a world that many people would never have had a chance to glimpse. Twitter users are unlike users of any other social media network, and as such they are capable of being an amazing asset to you as you propel yourself forward.