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Vimeo is without a doubt one of the most highly respected video streaming sites in the entire world. It is the only site on this planet that is actually able to compete with YouTube. While it does not yet have the reach of YouTube it’s rise to power has been fast netting it an extraordinary amount of traffic. There is no denying the obvious, Vimeo’s interface is better, it’s streaming technology is better, and it’s content is better. If you want to make a smart move invest in your Vimeo presence now.

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Vimeo is in a class of it’s own. It’s the video platform of choice for anyone who thinks quality is of paramount importance. There is no other video streaming site in the world that can match Vimeo for ease of use and end user quality on virtually any device. There will come a day when YouTube is no longer the King and Vimeo is it’s replacement.

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